Robin de Ridder


My own initiatives

Graduation HKU

This year I will graduate at the HKU School of Arts as a director / producer. The updates will be online as soon as they are available.

CineRAW Collective

The team I created with young and talented crew members with which I participate in several filmmaking competitions throughout the year.


“C&CF” is a Facebook page I started in 2012. Everybody interested in filmmaking can search for Cast or Crew members by posting a message on the wall.


Let's take a shot to get to know Robin a little better:
"Each project has its own problems, and it's up to you to solve them in the most creative way possible."

Robin (1991) is a director/producer from the Netherlands where he studies at the HKU School of Art in Utrecht. He loves tech gadgets, playing soccer and snowboarding in Austria.
As a graduated film-editor and enthusiastic guerrilla filmmaker, he participated in the 48 Hour Film Project competition thirteen times so far. He's always looking for new ways to tell a story, applying different ways to make film and coming up with new styles on a daily basis.
In 2014 he directed his first feature film, with two other young and talented directors, for the 48 days film project, which won the audience award at Eindhovens Film Festival (2014). He won several other prices, for example 'Best Directing' (Als een Mes door de boter), 'Audience Awards' (Na de Regen, Kwak, Weekend Warriors) and others. He gained a lot of experience thanks to his open-minded attitude.
One of his latest films (Weekend Warriors) is doing great at foreign filmfestivals. Right now Robin is starting up his new project, which will be online in July 2016. This will be his graduation film for his Bachelor at the School of Art in Utrecht. Soon the crowdfunding will be online with more information about this project. Are you curious about his work? Check out his CV & WORK page!


    I love to work with talented people. The challenge is to bring the best out of people when directing cast and crew. Every shooting day is different, and I like it!


    To be a good producer, you'll need to understand EVERY aspect of filmmaking. I'm the kind producer who gets more motivated when time almost runs out. Mostly I produce only my own projects.


    When you want to direct movies, you have to know a lot about editing. I graduated as an Editor in High school at ROCa12 in Ede. I prefer Adobe Premiere Pro or Avid Media Composer

  • Cinematography

    I love beautiful pictures, especially when they're in motion and tell a good story. For some interesting projects I'm the camera-operator, trying to understand the meaning of good camerawork and lighting.

Contact me

Feel free to ask questions, I always try to answer them within 24 hours!